Tiny Steps: Nursery to 3 years old

Tiny Steps ministry helps young children understand God’s Word through activities and worship.  

His Kids: Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

His Kids offers classes for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade (ages 4-11). This ministry gives age appropriate teaching of God’s Word through studies, activities, and worship. This ministry meets during regular service times. 

Children’s Ministry Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my child do during his time in the Children’s Ministry?
  • Can I stay with my child?
  • How are children dismissed from class?
  • Can I help?
  • How does one become a teacher or helper in the Children’s Ministry?

What will my child do during his time in the Children’s Ministry? 
HIS KIDS and Tiny Steps provides Bible-based and age-appropriate worship, bible story, crafts and care for your children.  Our children will learn, sing, and have fun in a safe and secure environment, while parents are in the Main Sanctuary.

Can I stay with my child? 

Yes! Parents may stay with their children, especially if the child is having difficulty adjusting to their new environment.

How are children dismissed from class? 

For the children’s safety, all children must remain in their classroom until a parent checks them out. The parent who checks the child in, must also be the one to check the child out, unless other arrangements are made during check in.

Can I help? 
If you would like to be involved use the contact form below. You may also pick up an application at the Church Office.  As soon as you complete it, we’ll get the process going.

How does one become a teacher or helper in the Children’s Ministry? 
Because children are so important to us, the Children’s Ministry has developed the following steps to get involved. No one is placed in direct contact with our children until the volunteer applicants have gone through the following process:

  • Fill out an application. In this application are questions regarding your commitment to Christ and reasons you want to be involved in Children’s Ministry.
  • Personal character references.
  • Classroom orientation and training.
  • Criminal Background check.

Contact us for more information:

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