Well everyone, this is the last KidZ at Heart monthly prayer letter that I will be writing to you. If you had asked me six months ago, in October of 2023 when I first moved to Albania what I thought the future would look like, I would have told you that it stretched out straight ahead, but that after awhile, the path became shrouded in fog. I remember at that time saying things like, “Well, I’ll be in Albania for the next ten months, but after that I have no idea.” 

With that uncertain forecast ever in the back of my mind, I began praying a lot, asking God for wisdom about what I should do next. Should I try to stay in Albania permanently? Should I go back to the States? Should I try for another country like Spain? Should I stay with my current job, or take a look to see what other possibilities might be out there? As I asked these questions, I kept my eyes open to see what opportunities might present themselves.

Then, just a few weeks ago, a job opportunity at a different ministry came unexpectedly across my inbox. It seemed like it might be a good fit, so I applied for it, just to see what would happen. Less than two weeks later, I received a job offer. Suddenly the road in front of me was no longer foggy, but it now had a decided, unforeseen bend.

All this is to announce that I have accepted the position of Media Production Coordinator at a California-based ministry called Children’s Hunger Fund, which focuses on sharing the Gospel while equipping local churches with resources to help people struggling with poverty in their own communities. I’ll be part of their communications team with the focus of creating video content. And yes, as you have probably already deduced, this means that I’m moving back to California, and I’ll be located in the northern L.A. county area. 

While I am super excited for this new chapter, I am also incredibly thankful for my time at KidZ at Heart, the community among the staff here, and all the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow during the past five years since this journey began. This is definitely not a goodbye to KidZ, as I hope to keep in touch, and possibly travel with a training team or two or help with volunteer tasks in the future. I also can’t say enough thank-yous to all of you who have supported me financially and prayerfully over the years, you have blessed me more than you could ever know. 

I’m happy to share more of the story or answer any questions you might have, and you can feel free to contact me in any of the usual ways. For those of you who donate financially, if you’ve resonated with KidZ at Heart’s ministry, I’d encourage you to prayerfully consider shifting your donation to our general fund, or to another staff member. Thank you all for traveling down this road with me, and I hope to stay in touch with all of you as I find out what’s around this next bend.