Calvary is a non-denominational Christian church in Ventura where we gather for the purpose of knowing, growing and glorifying Jesus Christ. We desire to see all people committed to live by faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

Calvary’s services are practical, purposeful and pertinent for living life in faith; designed with a great emphasis on the teaching of the Holy Bible and worship through contemporary music.

Our Three-Fold Purpose:

  1. Upward
    We believe that in response to God loving man, loving God is man’s highest calling and our relationship to Him is our highest priority. All ministry flows from this reciprocal relationship.
  2. Inward
    We believe the Bible is the “owner’s manual” for our lives. We seek to allow the Bible to work in us which then will work through us. Further, as members of a spiritual family, we seek to encourage one another in love, equip one another for service and to grow personally, and corporately into spiritual maturity.
  3. Outward
    We believe God has given every Christian a “circle of influence” in which to make an impact for Christ. Therefore our desire is to go out beyond the “four walls of a church building” into our communities and throughout the world to expand the kingdom of God through evangelism.