Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, our President, Governor and the CDC have now strongly recommended that group gatherings be limited to no more than 10 people at a time.  After prayerful discussion and contemplation, the pastoral staff of Calvary Ventura believes the Lord has put it on our hearts to abide by these recommendations while still answering His call to teach, preach and share the love of Jesus.

What does that mean to us at Calvary Ventura? 

Sunday Mornings:  Beginning this Sunday and for the immediate future, we will not be holding open services at the church.  We will be broadcasting live on-line at 9am and posting the recordings on our webpage and social media.  We plan on having worship and a teaching in the Word with a small number of staff present to assist in the technical aspects of our broadcast.  We are aware of some technical shortcomings that our current system has, and are in the process of making the necessary upgrades to improve the video and audio output.  Thank you for your patience and understanding in the interim.

For our Children: We will also assist parents with ministering to their children, with the Focus on the Family’s “801 Questions Kids Ask About God”.  Each week we will post questions (with discussion points) for family devotions. We will also send out this information via email to those parents who may be interested.

Small Groups: In addition to Sunday Video Church, we are developing a plan for small group home fellowships for any who may be interested in gathering together for additional teaching and interaction. While taking prayer-led steps to care for the health and well-being of our church family, we also desire to honor God’s heart that we not forsake the gathering of the fellowship together.

In-Church Ministries:  Effective immediately, all other in-church ministries are on hold until further notice (Men’s, Women’s, Roots, Mom’s in Prayer, Faith Foundations, etc.).  Please pray about how these changes might play out in an Acts 2-type fellowship.  There is a need for these ministries and we trust God has a fresh plan for how they look in the near future.

Mission Trips:  We’ve prayed over the mission trips and believe God has closed those specific doors at this time, and therefore we will postpone all mission trips until further notice.  We believe this is similar to the way God closed the doors to Paul to travel into Asia (Acts 16). However it did not stop God from using Paul to minister elsewhere.  We are looking forward with anticipation to the missionary doors that will be opened to us in our Jerusalem through these current circumstances.

These truly are unprecedented times, and our biggest concern is how to continue to minister to God’s people under the current conditions. We are committed to doing all we can and trusting the Lord for the rest. We all know God is faithful and we look with hope for His deliverance. God is still on the throne and we are trusting His faithful promise that He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

May the Lord use this time to draw our people closer to Him and each to other. Please be safe and vigilant. We are paying for you!

Calvary Ventura…. Upward, Inward, Onward!!

In His love,
Calvary Ventura