• Saturday Night Live! Worship, Fellowship, Baptism and BBQ. Next Saturday, 6:30pmIf you’re interested in being baptized contact Pastor DanP this week. Plenty of opportunities to serve (food prep, set-up, cleanup, etc.). Contact Pastor DanO if you would like to help.


  • Men’s Group Study – Tuesday, September 14. “God’s Imperfect Servants (1st  & 2nd  Kings)”. There is a study guide to pre-order for this study. Click here for more info
  • Women’s Group – Tuesday, September 21, 6:30pm. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays. “Lies Women Believe, and the Truth that Sets Them Free”. There is a book to pre-order for this study. Click here for more info


  • Communion Sunday Worship Service – Outdoors at 9:30am
  • Spanish Service – 9:30am in the Youth Room

Weekly Ministries

● Roots Young Adult Ministry, Wednesday, 7pm
● Youth Ministry, Thursday, 6:30pm in the Youth Room 
● Spanish Ministry, Thursday, 7pm


  1. Please hyperlink the Saturday Night Live event in the title in the announcements
  2. Men’s and Women’s Groups. Hyperlink each event where we have “Click here for more info”
  3. Hyperlink the associated events in the title of each weekly ministry
  4. I’ll be getting graphics this week for:
    a. Ephesians study (rotator)
    b. Men’s Group (rotator and event)
    c. Women’s Group (rotator and event)
    Give me a shout if you have any questions. Thanks!